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Everyone’s going to the pictures

January 25, 2010

A predictable plot, a dodgy script, simplistic characterization, half an hour too long … but boy is Avatar worth seeing, in my humble view. Not especially for the 3D but for the amazing technical accomplishment of creating a really rich, absorbing, convincing, artificial world. It just blows you away. And I am not a sci fi/action movie kind of gal. As my friend James commented, wouldn’t it be amazing if these techniques were used to create experiences you could actually spend time in. The new Disneyland, perhaps?

On the subject of films, I read a piece about Tesco going into film production, and being Tesco it looks well thought-through. They’ve done a deal with a production company who will work closely with high profile authors to turn their books into films – authors such as Jackie Collins, Philip Pullman, Jacqueline Wilson, Dick Francis who are bang on for the Tesco audience. The films will have a few cinema showings (doubtless for Tesco customers and staff only) and then go straight to DVD, sold exclusively through Tesco stores. Tesco get a great footfall driver, the opportunity to sell more of the associated books as well as the DVDs, the ability to get unique behind-the-scenes content and of course further expansion of their brand’s scope, now into the more glamorous worlds of entertainment provision and content creation. Nice.