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Another Great Debate

April 29, 2010

I can’t quite believe that I am looking forward to the political TV debate tonight, but I am. Not so much for what is said, more for the sense that the nation is galvanised around considering something important. While some people I know are a bit snooty about the debates (superficial, scripted, Americanised, etc.) there have very clearly got a far wider group of people engaged in politics than would otherwise be the case, and considering a wider set of options.

It’s a terribly vivid demonstration of the power of television. Whilst we all fret about our apps and use of social media and wotnot, all it took was some primetime television to get people to think very differently about a party most had previously seen as a bit of an embarrassing also-ran.

I saw a bloke from Thinkbox (the marketing body for commercial broadcasters) at a meeting at the IPA yesterday – this must be manna from heaven for them.