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Low cal treats

January 31, 2010

Interesting to see that New Covent Garden Soup have launched one portion cartons labelled prominently with ’99 calories’. Reminds me of the PizzaExpress Leggera pizza which markets itself as 500 calories (they’ve cut out the centre and put salad in it), to which have now been added Leggera wine and desserts.

These seem like smart moves to me, especially at this time of year.  Some would argue that these are occasional treat purchases and people aren’t thinking about health or calories on those occasions. But I would argue that (a) a lot of people are grateful for a lower guilt treat, (b) for some buyers these brands are quite everyday purchases where health considerations are already relevant and (c) this should open up additional occasions for these brands and hence increased frequency of purchase. 

Even amongst people who aren’t calorie-conscious these initiatives get these brands talked about and considered afresh. They demonstrate that these companies are alive and innovating and not afraid to try something out: very appealing qualities and particularly important for long-established brands.  Just do it, as they say.