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Execution is everything

May 9, 2010

Two little examples of comms that I saw this week …

1. Burger King ‘disloyalty card’, where if you ‘cheat on beef’ with their premium chicken burger 5 times you get the 6th one free. Quite a few brands are getting into loyalty cards at the moment (e.g. the coffee shops) but people find them quite annoying because they lose them, forget to get them stamped and they clog up your wallet or purse.  But here they’ve executed the thing with a proper funny idea, which makes it a lot more likely this will be successful.

2. An ad for a Toshiba promotion where if you buy a Toshiba TV before the World Cup you get your money refunded if England wins. Which is quite a big exciting idea but is executed in a really boring way.  Looks like the client has done it themselves.  (Media placement on a train doesn’t help either.)

So great execution is vital – what good agencies add really is worth paying for.