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Truth well told

November 17, 2010

McCann Erickson’s slogan since 1926 and nicely illustrated by their new spot for Heinz introducing a new resealable fridge pot of baked beans.

It’s just true, isn’t it? People don’t eat together much any more so there are always leftovers going off  in the fridge in various strange containers.  And the ad manages to highlight Heinz’s insight and product solution without any advertising hyperbole that would overstate its importance, but yet with class and charm that shows they like us and aren’t disdainful of our slightly embarrassing habits.

Their Snap Pots ad earlier this year followed a similar ‘truth well told’ formula and also brought a smile to my face. They understand the importance of good music, which allows for a refreshing absence of voiceover.

I like that Heinz are reminding us of the strong emotional relationship we have with them (‘It has to be Heinz’) but also doing very relevant innovations to keep refreshing the brand and making it easier for people to access the reward of the products.

A successful approach according to their IPA Effectiveness entry, which won a Silver award a couple of weeks ago.  £1.87 incremental profit for every £1 spent on marketing. Truth profitably told.