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Ads I like

June 3, 2011

Some nice ads I’ve come across in the last couple of days that made me stop and stare – thought I would share in case you haven’t seen them.

Lipton tea: not a brand I know much about but seems to be doing some charming and category-disruptive stuff in France (and these ads very possibly run in other countries too). This is my favourite:

Looks like a tricky brief about new lighter tasting teas in a category that I imagine is quite staid and comfortable (if it’s anything like the British tea category) but they have conjured up something rather magical. French advertising as its best.

This is another of theirs in a similar vein:

I think these ads show the power of creating your own unique brand ‘world’ (visual, aural, tone) so that even if the messages are fairly generic you can stand out and create something ownable.

Heineken: just launched is the second instalment in their global Open Your World campaign, ‘The Date’:

I like this one even better than the first ad ‘The Entrance’ which came out in December last year – online only – and got 4 million hits on YouTube in its first three weeks:

Amazing little mini-movie epics, rich with all kinds of detail. Must cost a fortune but the brand’s confidence at operating at this level is part of the take-out. I like the strategy: painting an aspirational but sufficiently tongue-in-cheek picture of Heineken drinkers as sophisticated, confident, resourceful ‘men of the world’.  It makes you wonder why no other premium international beer brand has plundered the James Bond cupboard before (or maybe they have). My only question is whether these two ads are already too similar and whether the campaign can remain interesting.