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Nice ads but do they work?

June 21, 2010

I’ve had a very interesting month judging entries for the IPA Effectiveness Awards. The IPA is the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising but the awards now actively encourage entries about communications in a broader sense, and this batch included brands doing all sorts of integrated things both with more traditional and newer media. But one thing was pretty consistent: the use of TV and the fact that major effects didn’t tend to kick in until TV was deployed.

The process has really renewed my faith in the business benefits of commununications: most of the papers did a very robust job of demonstrating not only that the communications budget was paid back by incremental profit generated, sometimes many times over.

One slight disappointment was the lack of specific evidence relating to the effectiveness of digital and online activities, which is a bit puzzling given the relative ease of getting at least basic information. As an example I’ve just come across the relaunched Viral Video Chart, which “ranks viral videos and branded content worldwide based on the amount of times content has been shared on Facebook, Twitter and in the blogosphere”.

It’s worth a look: you can look at the UK vs. global, in the last 24 hours, week, month or year and by platform.  Vaguely interesting that while Nike’s ‘Write the future’ World Cup viral is by far the most popular viral ad in the  the world in the last 7 days (shared 27k times) it only comes in at number 20 of all viral videos shared, because it’s music and comedy videos that really get the numbers – e.g. the video for Shakira’s World Cup song was shared 339k times in the last week. Even a Brazilian toddler dancing the samba was shared a lot more than one of the most talked-about ads of recent times.  

Another Great Debate

April 29, 2010

I can’t quite believe that I am looking forward to the political TV debate tonight, but I am. Not so much for what is said, more for the sense that the nation is galvanised around considering something important. While some people I know are a bit snooty about the debates (superficial, scripted, Americanised, etc.) there have very clearly got a far wider group of people engaged in politics than would otherwise be the case, and considering a wider set of options.

It’s a terribly vivid demonstration of the power of television. Whilst we all fret about our apps and use of social media and wotnot, all it took was some primetime television to get people to think very differently about a party most had previously seen as a bit of an embarrassing also-ran.

I saw a bloke from Thinkbox (the marketing body for commercial broadcasters) at a meeting at the IPA yesterday – this must be manna from heaven for them.