Apple vs. Obama

Good post from Anil Dash (legendary blogger and smart guy) yesterday – see – about how it feels like there is way more chatter and advocacy about the Apple iPad launch than about the State of the Union address or Obama’s agenda in general, despite the way Obama mobilized a lot of those people during his campaign.

Over to Anil: “What leaves me at a loss […] is how many otherwise sane and sensible people give their time and energy freely to help support a company like Apple that, despite its elegant designs and generally excellent products […] certainly doesn’t need free PR from some of the most talented people on the web.

Though Apple is a reasonably progressive company, they explicitly don’t give a shit about poor people. […] Who does need your help? I’d say the current administration does. Because the biggest difference between now and 18 months ago is not that President Obama has gotten elected; It’s that those who support his agenda have gotten lazy about helping in the effort.”

Good point huh?


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One Response to “Apple vs. Obama”

  1. greyhanded Says:

    haha excellent point

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